ABOUT - Harvey Makgakga


Harvey Makgakga is an experienced developer with vast knowledge in building corporate brands, web platforms as well as enterprises. Harvey is also a consultant specialising in business development, system development, and brand development. As a capable corporate brand consultant, he is passionate about advancing SMME brands, through Social Media and Digital Marketing. He is also involved in public speaking and charity work.

He has a sense of pride in ensuring he provides the best value possible and that is what drives him. In addition to his primary job functions, Harvey has been recognised by The Innovation Hub for his remarkable commitment to building a cloud-based system.

As a corporate brand consultant, Harvey’s goals include, but are not limited to, building a city, owning a JSE listed company, and creating the best e-learning platform in Africa.

Harvey’s passion for problem-solving can be traced back to his youth, but most notably his first year at the University of Pretoria. In addition to his studies, he spent significant amounts of time working on an online student store and starting a logo design business as part of his enduring drive to provide the best value possible for others. He is currently the director of Student Store SA which is his foundation as an entrepreneur and brand consultant before moving to cloud-based technology.

Harvey has worked in the Media & Design industry for 7 years. This time has allowed him to gain wisdom and become adept in a myriad of areas such as brand and web design, social media management as well as comprehensive video editing.

Although dedicated to his work within the office, Harvey is also a man that enjoys spending time with his family, playing board games, and watching fast cars.

As a pioneer in the e-learning space, Harvey is the founder of My Tech Africa (pty) Ltd. Motivated by the mission to answer Africa’s issues with technology, Harvey is also known for inspiring young Africans to make their dreams their new reality.


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